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Betting - Football/Soccer

Football Trading System
Welcome to FTS Income a genuine site for the punters. FTS Income has been online since 2007 and in that time many punters have gone from losers to winners. I have bet full time for the last 5 years and win over £200,000 each year across my portfolio of systems. FTS has evolved over the years to become a leading site for all types of punter. On this page you will find everything this site has to offer.

28 year old Football Expert reveals how he made £25,622.25 profit in the last season alone using his Secret Formula...
Finally after two years of testing I am ready to lift the Lid On My Cash Churning Football Betting System & allow you to share the success of a system getting 854% Returns!

All the information is set out in easy to understand step-by-step instructions or information - Even if you don’t have any experience with a football betting system… you can still use the systems to make Tax Free, easy money every week from the bookmakers.
I Guarantee All My Systems or Your Money Back!!!

Former bookmaker employee turns renegade and exposes The Football Betting System pro gamblers have exploited for years to... Rob Bookies Legally!

Revolutionary New Baseball System For The First Time Ever … a statistic’s genius with a 65% Win Rate, reveals his “Baseball Betting Code”… an almost foolproof way of winning more bets than you lose … in less than 10 Minutes A Day!

You will have plenty of opportunities using this strategy during the day - especially weekends (many football matches during the weekends). Earnig potential is very high using this system. Decide then if it’s worth the price.

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